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How do you classify women in wine?

   In the eyes of men, women who can taste wine rarely make people boring. Their world seems to have no parental shortcomings. Some of them are all new and interesting wines, and the media of wine has opened up the ability to know the political history of various countries. You can see something in their preferences ...


   Those who like to drink Bordeaux wine, people are thorough, thoughtful, aware of the Micro, proper, sense of proportion.
Impartiality, compromise and reconciliation, is the philosophy of Bordeaux wine, the emphasis is on a "balance."
   Bordeaux is located in the southwest of France. The weather is changeable and brings a lot of uncertainty to the growth of grapes. If Bordeaux, like New World countries such as Australia and Chile, often uses a single variety to make wine, the taste style will change greatly each year. Therefore, you will find that Bordeaux wine is basically made with a variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot and other varieties to ensure the stability of the production.
   The woman who likes Bordeaux famous wine, in addition to seeking a "stable" word in life, the quality of life is also quite high. Pay attention to body management, health methods master the head, like the atmosphere elegant dress, tradition and style is their most attention to spiritual nutrients.


    The woman who likes New Zealand wine is mostly pure and simple, but she does not love to pursue too many carvings and red tape, advocating nature and love travel. Moreover, they are all knowledgeable and Frank.
    The purest wine in the world, to say the least, is New Zealand. She may not be heavy, but she is better than fruity and fresh; She may not be complicated, but her purity has the power to penetrate the soul ... Her beauty, unable to replicate, hit the hit.
Among them, the most representative is the long love of Marburg production areas, and the black Pinot of Central Otago. New Zealand has made long acacia into the wine world of net red, fruity overflowing, fresh and exquisite. The Pinot Noir in Central Otago is full and well-structured, with good aging potential.
    In addition, the Silas of New Zealand are also particularly worth a try. The style is elegant and delicate, the aroma is complex, the tannins are delicate and compact, the taste is fresh and charming, and the style is very similar to that of the Luonahegukeluozi production area of Aimita.


    Women who like Italian wine are more lively and interesting. Like to try new things, curiosity is strong, energetic, doing something unique, happy to share. Because the style of Italian wine is too much, summing up 30,000 words may not be able to finish. When a man describes a woman as an Italian wine, the more he drinks, the more he becomes addicted to her charm.
Italian wine is changeable and full of small pleasures, and Italy is also the most complex wine producer in the world. You can drink the thickness of life in Barolo in Piedmont; In the Amaluoni of the Veneto region, drink the sweetness of life; In the "Bordeaux mixed wine" in the Tuscany region, drinking amazing creativity; In Sicily, drink to the diversity of life; In Lombardy's sparkling wine, drink the joy of life ...


    The woman who likes Spanish wine is capable and practical, approachable, likes to explore the nature of things, is not easily confused by appearances, and is passionate about life, just like Spanish wine.
Spanish wine is not as high in acidity as Italian, and its taste is simple. Many low-priced wines are exported to France for cooking. The grading system of Spanish wine is also very honest. The law stipulates that Crianza is aged for two years in the winery, of which six months are aged in oak barrels; Reserva aged at least three years at the winery and at least one year in oak barrels; Gran Resorva aged longer, aged in oak barrels for at least 18 months, and aged in wineries for five years before being allowed to go public.
   Therefore, you drink Spanish wine, basically have reached the right time, and rarely too green. The well-known Rioja production area has uneven quality; Puliaolatuo red wine, strong tannin, high alcohol(usually 14 % or more), rich and concentrated flavor; The quality of the Duro River production area is generally high, and the aging potential is long. Biliaoha's wine is stronger and Wilder. The taste is thick, high tannin, and the structure is grand and strong. It is also the origin of the Spanish wine king.


   The woman who likes Chilean wine, the character is quiet, considerate, the desire is not particularly strong, and it is a bit of a casual and peaceful meaning.
   Chilean wine is famous for its fruity taste, easy to drink, high acceptance, but the style is a bit of the same, even a very high quality famous wine, it seems to lack some heritage and change. Of course, the quality of Chilean wine has improved very quickly. Moreover, the price of Chile's top wines is indeed very high compared to other famous countries.


   The woman who likes American wine, is smart and comfortable, has a strong personality, is quite manly, speaks and works easily, and has full energy.
   American wines are generally high in alcohol, high in tannins, heavy in wine, rich in flavor, and overflowing with fruit, but it is in line with the taste of the Chinese people. Even Cabernet Sauvignon, like Suonama, and Pinot Noir, Oregon, are elegant and vibrant. Without the delicate and fragile state of Burgundy Pinot Noir.


   Women who like Australian wine, extensive friends, like to share, optimistic humor, unrestrained personality, charm.
Like Australia's Silas, sometimes elegant, sometimes warm, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, full of personality. The Australian Sila wine has mulberry, eucalyptus leaves, and spicy pepper that can not be replicated in any other producing area, and a rich Berry taste.
    Western Australia and the Sila region of Kulawala are all famous for their structurally strong Sila wines. Most of the flavors are black cherries, pepper and spices; The most famous Baluosagu, Maikelalungu Vale, and Kelaiergu have spicy spices, chocolate and plum flavors, including Baluosagu and McClaren Valley. The old Vine Sila is particularly noticeable.


   Women who like Argentine wine, they enjoy life. They do not like too intense life rhythm, leisurely and moderate walking on earth, can always find their own pace.
   The wine man himself is very fond of Argentine wine. And pure desire, but also wild and gentle, full of vitality and a lot of charming. If Argentine wine is a woman, it is also a passionate romantic, mysterious and passionate woman. Has the black pearl general eye, and the hot full body.
   In particular, the Argentinean Marbeck, with its violet-scented flowers and the aroma of black fruits such as BlackBerry and Lizihe, will develop chocolate, cocoa, tobacco and leather as it ages. The wine is full and the flavor is rich and charming. If I were to spend a month on a desert island, I would choose to bring wine from Argentina, which is not only cost-effective, but also really good.


    In fact, a woman's character is one or two wine can express clearly. Under the delicate exterior of many women, there is a strong and powerful heart like a man; Some Although the appearance is cold and proud, in fact, the heart is fragile and gentle; Some of them are smart and strong outside, and they return home to a small woman. Women seem complicated, but they are simple. All they need is understanding and love.

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