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Many small partners think that red wine is a healthy drink, so how to drink, you can drink freely, drunk can! In fact, this idea is wrong, red wine also has a certain amount of alcohol content, a large amount of drinking is certainly not good for the body!
So, what do you do when you're drunk? And I'm going to share it with you today.
Drink some salt water.
Too much wine will make you feel bad. Drink red wine often. You can keep some salt and salt water for yourself. A bowl of water does not need to add more salt, add a small amount of it can, let it drink, you can relieve alcohol.
It must be salty after drinking salt water. At this time, you must use cold water to swallow it.
Drink vinegar.
Vinegated? I just heard about it. The substance in vinegar has the effect of neutralizing the alcohol of red wine. Drinking vinegar for a long time is good for the body, and drinking vinegar to a certain extent also uses disinfection and sterilization. However, drinking vinegar after drinking must not drink too much, a small amount of drinking can be.
Drinking certain vinegar to a certain extent can effectively reduce the alcohol content in the human body and achieve the effect of relieving alcohol.
Drink honey.
Honey is used in many homes as a daily drink to drink, honey to drink water for a long period of time really has the effect of beauty and beauty. Drinking honey for a long time, you will find that the overall state is soft, while female friends drink better long-term.
After many families are drunk, drinking a little honey water for drunk people will play a good hangover effect. And water with a large cup of honey water, and then cool down, give each other to drink. Honey has the effect of decomposing and promoting alcohol absorption.
Eat radishes.
We all have some common sense about health, and you know for sure about the role of radishes. Radish has the function of ventilation and dredging. However, drinking radish juice can also make the body dissolve a lot after being angry. The rational role of radish is very good. Radish has the effect of relieving wine!
Eat fruit.
Fruit contains a lot of fruit acid, after drinking, also eat more fruit, such as apples or pears, these two are good wine. It can be eaten directly by drunk people, or it can be squeezed into juice to drink.
Drink mung bean water
In summer, we usually drink some mung bean water, and the role of mung bean water must be known to everyone. The mung bean has the effect of hangover, and it is too cold to drink. So don't drink too much at a time.
If you are drunk, you can also take a small amount of mung beans. After washing them, you can smash them. Then you can use boiling water to flush the smashed mung beans. After drinking them, you can also give them to the drunk people. The effect of hangover
Wine, coffee. After drinking too much red wine, the human head is very painful, no spirit. At this time, it can also be recommended to drink a cup of thick coffee, because coffee has a refreshing effect and has a good hangover effect for people who have drunk red wine.
Many people think that tea can relieve alcohol. In fact, there is no ingredient in tea that can relieve alcohol, so drinking tea is ineffective. Moreover, tea wine can also damage renal function, so drink tea, especially strong tea.
Red wine is good, but don't be greedy.

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