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You drink red wine in the wrong order! Don`t blame me for not reminding you

How do I drink red wine? I`ll tell you right away.


When friends gather for dinner,they often open several bottles of wine. When drinking various styles of wine together,they should pay attention to the order of serving wine. If they don`t master the order, they will greatly reduce the taste of wine.


1. Foaming before static

Generally speaking, sparkling wine is fresher,crisper and lighter than static wine, so it is usually the first to drink sparkling wine.


Special case: sparkling wine can also be used as a dessert wine. Peach champagne or some other sparkling wine matches fruit such as strawberries; lighter sweet sparkling wine such as Moscato Asti goes well with fine Italian desserts and various cream cakes.

2. Dry before sweet.

Generally speaking, the sugar content of sweet wine is higher, which will affect the taste of dry wine, so drink dry wine first.


Special case: in France,Sauternes, tocayes and foie gras are the best match. Foie gras is often before the main food, and the main food is often with dry wine.

So before we drink dry wine, in order to reduce the influence of sweet wine, we might as well clean our mouth with bread.


3. First light and then heavy

We can enjoy its delicacy by drinking light wine first, and then we can feel its complexity by drinking heavy wine;


If the order is reversed, we will be deprived of the enjoyment of light wine. Under the influence of heavy wine, we will feel that the taste of light wine is weak.

4. White before red

Generally speaking, the drinking order of white wine is prior to that of red wine, because white wine has less tannin and is generally lighter.


Special case: in Western restaurants, Beaujolais red wine and wapolichela red wine are usually the best match for the second course, such as spaghetti and poultry; while the third course is the best match for fried crucian carp or cream lobster and white wine.

In this way, the order of drinking white wine is behind, but don`t worry,white wine from the Burgundy super garden won`t be covered by this kind of light red wine.

5. Young before old

Old wine usually has more flavor and more complex ingredients than young wine, so it is usually put in the last drink.


Special case: if we have a bottle of mature old wine and young wine in front of us, we will definitely go to drink old wine first, because if we drink too much young wine, we will not enjoy the elegant old wine.

Moreover, the tannin content of the young wine is higher, which is more suitable for the steak with strong flavor. The steak is served later, so we'd better taste the old wine slowly first.

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