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Drinking red wine for dinner can discharge a lot of toxins from the body
We all know that grape, the main component of wine, contains a lot of microelements. These microelements can, to a certain extent, stop coughing, moisten the lungs and cool the heart, cool down the temperature and remove the fire. I like to drink some red wine if I have nothing to do. I feel very comfortable after drinking.The unique ingredients in wine can also enhance the body's resistance. Drinking for a long time can also discharge a lot of toxins from the body, making your face younger and younger.A glass of red wine for dinner is good for healthThe abundant water in grapes, as well as the trace elements such as glucose and various vitamins, make the body cells as a whole healthier after long-term drinking, with super good metabolism, promoting the blood circulation of the human body, making the body's metabolism ability and effect well adjusted.Researchers tested smokers and found that drinking a glass of red wine after smoking can effectively remove harmful substances inhaled in the body. Because there are a lot of anticancer substances named polyphenols in wine, drinking this type of red wine to mice injected with carcinogens has a good effect of preventing cancer, which can slow down the occurrence of cancer to a certain extent.Although the grape is very sweet, its heat and fat content are very low. The middle-aged and old people drinking red wine can help the human body purify the garbage in the organs and soften the human blood vessels to a certain extent. Drinking red wine also has a very good auxiliary effect on the treatment of people's anorexia, dyspepsia, enteritis, chronic pharyngitis and other diseases. If you have the above symptoms, you can adjust your sub-health by drinking red wine at a proper time, so that your body will be healthier.Your brain must be better than othersTo a certain extent, red wine can improve the content of beneficial cholesterol in human body and improve the blood circulation speed of brain. According to relevant research, moderate drinking can expand blood vessels of brain, improve blood flow, stimulate brain intelligence and enhance memory. So drinking red wine has certain effect on improving memory, but don't drink too much, so as not to hurt the body. Red wine can really improve the regulating function of brain to a certain extent.Red wine contains a large number of phenols, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene and other microelements. These substances have good antioxidant function and function to a certain extent, which can improve the proportion of high-quality cholesterol in the human body to a certain extent, maintain the normal metabolism of the human body, and maintain your body proportion in a reasonable way Within the scope. In addition, red wine contains a lot of iron, which to a certain extent has the effect of promoting blood circulation and warming the body. Long term drinking can improve the body cold of women and make the body slimmer and slimmer. Therefore, it can reduce the accumulation of water in the body, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss through swelling reduction.Take a breath, go up to the 5th floor, no troubleDrinking a little red wine every day can strengthen the bones to a certain extent. Usually drink some wine, insist on drinking every day, it will play a certain effect after a long time, at least keep your body indicators in a reasonable range. Therefore, when choosing the high calcium tablet, we must consider drinking some red wine every day, insist on drinking, take a breath, go to the 5th floor, no effort, this situation really exists.You must have no cavitiesRed wine has the effect of nourishing teeth. According to the research, wine has a good effect of preventing tooth decay. Don't be afraid of tooth decay. Just drink some wine! Insist on drinking for a long time, the teeth will be more and more firm, and the good effect will come naturally. Long term drinking, no cavities, oral health also has a good protection.You don't need to worry too much about breast cancerBreast cancer is a major killer of women's bodies. Research has found that red wine contains some chemicals that can prevent breast cancer. The composition of this substance has the effect of anti estrogen, and the amount of estrogen is not related to the occurrence of breast cancer. Therefore, women who know how to drink red wine every day can prevent breast cancer.You can be as balanced and flexible as yogaRed wine can improve people's love for life, red wine can improve people's balance ability. According to relevant data, resveratrol in red wine can improve the psychological tolerance and judgment ability of the elderly. To some extent, it has the same irreplaceable role as yoga!You're not going to have Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's disease is more and more known in the world, and the probability of some friends suffering from Alzheimer's disease is increasing. Red wine can reduce the starch deposition in the brain memory function area of Alzheimer's disease type, so as to effectively improve the cognitive function of the brain and enhance the role of brain memory. Drinking red wine for a long time really has a certain protective effect on the prevention of Alzheimer's disease to a certain extent, and also has a great effect on enhancing memory.You don't need to worry about "three highs"Red wine is rich in resveratrol. Resveratrol can prevent the occurrence of hyperlipidemia and regulate the metabolism of blood glucose, which is of great help to the blood circulation in the body. It's good for your health to drink red wine. "Three high problems" will be eased gradually. When people pay more and more attention to health problems, their physical condition will become better and better.Your antiviral ability is betterDrinking a small glass of red wine every day for a long time is much less likely to infect some bacteria than other people, according to a survey. If people often touch contaminated food, drinking a little wine can effectively prevent the disease. In this case, your antiviral ability will become stronger and stronger, your body will be strengthened, and your resistance to the virus in all aspects will be enhanced gradually.
When is the best time to drink red wine?
For a long time, red wine has been loved by people all over the world. However, drinking red wine also pays attention to. If the time and quantity are not right, you can't enjoy the health preserving function of red wine.As for the choice of drinking time, two time periods are generally recommended.01AfternoonGenerally speaking, the best time to drink red wine is after 2 p.m. every day.Because in the morning, there will be less food in your stomach. At this time, your body is eager to absorb nutrients. If you drink alcohol at this time, it is easy to be absorbed by the body, so that the concentration of alcohol in the blood increases rapidly, which will cause greater damage to the body organs. But after lunch at noon, all functions of the body return to normal. At this time, drinking again will not damage the body.Therefore, drinking after 2 p.m. every day will be safer and healthier. That's why wine tasting usually takes place in the afternoon.In addition, you should not drink alcohol when you are on an empty stomach, have a cold or are excited.02Before going to bedDrinking alcohol before going to bed has always been one of the effective ways to promote sleep. A small amount of alcohol can inhibit the brain and make people drowsy. In fact, it's not just alcohol that helps sleep, wine contains a kind of melatonin, which is a sleep aid hormone, but also can effectively help sleep.Melatonin is a substance secreted by the brain, which can help regulate sleep cycle and improve abnormal sleep. In the evening, when the melatonin secretion is strong, you will be drowsy; in the morning, when the melatonin secretion stops, you will wake up.Therefore, drinking a glass of red wine before going to bed can not only relieve the body's pressure and regulate the mood, but also help sleep, with many benefits.But it is important to note that drinking too much will affect the quality of sleep and damage your health, so don't drink too much!03How much to drink?The liver metabolizes about one gram of alcohol per kilogram of body weight per day. A person of 60 kg body weight should be allowed to consume less than 60 grams of alcohol per day. So I suggest that 2 to 3 glasses a day is better. If the amount of alcohol is not good, it can be reduced, but it is not recommended to add.Different people have different amounts of alcohol. Men have more body fluids and are prone to sweating. They can metabolize more alcohol. Women have less body fluid, so they are not suitable for drinking more. Moreover, it is said that heavy people can drink more than light people, and the ability of Oriental and western people to bear alcohol is also different.在此,不建议婴儿和儿童饮用各种酒精类的饮品。因为他们的心脏尚未完全发育,酒精会对内脏产生伤害。还有,孕妇和开车的人也是不适宜喝任何酒精性饮品的。04Best vagetableIn China, drinking is inseparable from eating. What's good to eat when drinking?It is recommended to choose foods with high protein and vitamins. Such as fresh vegetables, fresh fish, lean meat, beans, eggs, etc. These foods are good for metabolism and are a great match for wine.Pay attention to avoid eating salted fish, sausages and bacon when drinking, because this kind of smoked food contains a lot of pigments and nitrites. Nitrite combines with protein to form nitrosamine, which will dissolve in alcohol. As alcohol is absorbed by human body, nitrosamine is a strong carcinogen. Continuous small amount intake and one-time large amount intake will induce cancer.So, here is a special reminder: do not eat smoked wax when drinking.
You drink red wine in the wrong order! Don`t blame me for not reminding you
How do I drink red wine? I`ll tell you right away.When friends gather for dinner,they often open several bottles of wine. When drinking various styles of wine together,they should pay attention to the order of serving wine. If they don`t master the order, they will greatly reduce the taste of wine.1. Foaming before staticGenerally speaking, sparkling wine is fresher,crisper and lighter than static wine, so it is usually the first to drink sparkling wine.Special case: sparkling wine can also be used as a dessert wine. Peach champagne or some other sparkling wine matches fruit such as strawberries; lighter sweet sparkling wine such as Moscato Asti goes well with fine Italian desserts and various cream cakes.2. Dry before sweet.Generally speaking, the sugar content of sweet wine is higher, which will affect the taste of dry wine, so drink dry wine first.Special case: in France,Sauternes, tocayes and foie gras are the best match. Foie gras is often before the main food, and the main food is often with dry wine.So before we drink dry wine, in order to reduce the influence of sweet wine, we might as well clean our mouth with bread.3. First light and then heavyWe can enjoy its delicacy by drinking light wine first, and then we can feel its complexity by drinking heavy wine;If the order is reversed, we will be deprived of the enjoyment of light wine. Under the influence of heavy wine, we will feel that the taste of light wine is weak.4. White before redGenerally speaking, the drinking order of white wine is prior to that of red wine, because white wine has less tannin and is generally lighter.Special case: in Western restaurants, Beaujolais red wine and wapolichela red wine are usually the best match for the second course, such as spaghetti and poultry; while the third course is the best match for fried crucian carp or cream lobster and white wine.In this way, the order of drinking white wine is behind, but don`t worry,white wine from the Burgundy super garden won`t be covered by this kind of light red wine.5. Young before oldOld wine usually has more flavor and more complex ingredients than young wine, so it is usually put in the last drink.Special case: if we have a bottle of mature old wine and young wine in front of us, we will definitely go to drink old wine first, because if we drink too much young wine, we will not enjoy the elegant old wine.Moreover, the tannin content of the young wine is higher, which is more suitable for the steak with strong flavor. The steak is served later, so we'd better taste the old wine slowly first.
Many small partners think that red wine is a healthy drink, so how to drink, you can drink freely, drunk can! In fact, this idea is wrong, red wine also has a certain amount of alcohol content, a large amount of drinking is certainly not good for the body!So, what do you do when you're drunk? And I'm going to share it with you today.Drink some salt water.Too much wine will make you feel bad. Drink red wine often. You can keep some salt and salt water for yourself. A bowl of water does not need to add more salt, add a small amount of it can, let it drink, you can relieve alcohol.It must be salty after drinking salt water. At this time, you must use cold water to swallow it.Drink vinegar.Vinegated? I just heard about it. The substance in vinegar has the effect of neutralizing the alcohol of red wine. Drinking vinegar for a long time is good for the body, and drinking vinegar to a certain extent also uses disinfection and sterilization. However, drinking vinegar after drinking must not drink too much, a small amount of drinking can be.Drinking certain vinegar to a certain extent can effectively reduce the alcohol content in the human body and achieve the effect of relieving alcohol.Drink honey.Honey is used in many homes as a daily drink to drink, honey to drink water for a long period of time really has the effect of beauty and beauty. Drinking honey for a long time, you will find that the overall state is soft, while female friends drink better long-term.After many families are drunk, drinking a little honey water for drunk people will play a good hangover effect. And water with a large cup of honey water, and then cool down, give each other to drink. Honey has the effect of decomposing and promoting alcohol absorption.Eat radishes.We all have some common sense about health, and you know for sure about the role of radishes. Radish has the function of ventilation and dredging. However, drinking radish juice can also make the body dissolve a lot after being angry. The rational role of radish is very good. Radish has the effect of relieving wine!Eat fruit.Fruit contains a lot of fruit acid, after drinking, also eat more fruit, such as apples or pears, these two are good wine. It can be eaten directly by drunk people, or it can be squeezed into juice to drink.Drink mung bean waterIn summer, we usually drink some mung bean water, and the role of mung bean water must be known to everyone. The mung bean has the effect of hangover, and it is too cold to drink. So don't drink too much at a time.If you are drunk, you can also take a small amount of mung beans. After washing them, you can smash them. Then you can use boiling water to flush the smashed mung beans. After drinking them, you can also give them to the drunk people. The effect of hangoverCoffee.Wine, coffee. After drinking too much red wine, the human head is very painful, no spirit. At this time, it can also be recommended to drink a cup of thick coffee, because coffee has a refreshing effect and has a good hangover effect for people who have drunk red wine.Many people think that tea can relieve alcohol. In fact, there is no ingredient in tea that can relieve alcohol, so drinking tea is ineffective. Moreover, tea wine can also damage renal function, so drink tea, especially strong tea.Red wine is good, but don't be greedy.
How do you classify women in wine?
   In the eyes of men, women who can taste wine rarely make people boring. Their world seems to have no parental shortcomings. Some of them are all new and interesting wines, and the media of wine has opened up the ability to know the political history of various countries. You can see something in their preferences ...   Those who like to drink Bordeaux wine, people are thorough, thoughtful, aware of the Micro, proper, sense of proportion.Impartiality, compromise and reconciliation, is the philosophy of Bordeaux wine, the emphasis is on a "balance."   Bordeaux is located in the southwest of France. The weather is changeable and brings a lot of uncertainty to the growth of grapes. If Bordeaux, like New World countries such as Australia and Chile, often uses a single variety to make wine, the taste style will change greatly each year. Therefore, you will find that Bordeaux wine is basically made with a variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot and other varieties to ensure the stability of the production.   The woman who likes Bordeaux famous wine, in addition to seeking a "stable" word in life, the quality of life is also quite high. Pay attention to body management, health methods master the head, like the atmosphere elegant dress, tradition and style is their most attention to spiritual nutrients.    The woman who likes New Zealand wine is mostly pure and simple, but she does not love to pursue too many carvings and red tape, advocating nature and love travel. Moreover, they are all knowledgeable and Frank.    The purest wine in the world, to say the least, is New Zealand. She may not be heavy, but she is better than fruity and fresh; She may not be complicated, but her purity has the power to penetrate the soul ... Her beauty, unable to replicate, hit the hit.Among them, the most representative is the long love of Marburg production areas, and the black Pinot of Central Otago. New Zealand has made long acacia into the wine world of net red, fruity overflowing, fresh and exquisite. The Pinot Noir in Central Otago is full and well-structured, with good aging potential.    In addition, the Silas of New Zealand are also particularly worth a try. The style is elegant and delicate, the aroma is complex, the tannins are delicate and compact, the taste is fresh and charming, and the style is very similar to that of the Luonahegukeluozi production area of Aimita.    Women who like Italian wine are more lively and interesting. Like to try new things, curiosity is strong, energetic, doing something unique, happy to share. Because the style of Italian wine is too much, summing up 30,000 words may not be able to finish. When a man describes a woman as an Italian wine, the more he drinks, the more he becomes addicted to her charm.Italian wine is changeable and full of small pleasures, and Italy is also the most complex wine producer in the world. You can drink the thickness of life in Barolo in Piedmont; In the Amaluoni of the Veneto region, drink the sweetness of life; In the "Bordeaux mixed wine" in the Tuscany region, drinking amazing creativity; In Sicily, drink to the diversity of life; In Lombardy's sparkling wine, drink the joy of life ...    The woman who likes Spanish wine is capable and practical, approachable, likes to explore the nature of things, is not easily confused by appearances, and is passionate about life, just like Spanish wine.Spanish wine is not as high in acidity as Italian, and its taste is simple. Many low-priced wines are exported to France for cooking. The grading system of Spanish wine is also very honest. The law stipulates that Crianza is aged for two years in the winery, of which six months are aged in oak barrels; Reserva aged at least three years at the winery and at least one year in oak barrels; Gran Resorva aged longer, aged in oak barrels for at least 18 months, and aged in wineries for five years before being allowed to go public.   Therefore, you drink Spanish wine, basically have reached the right time, and rarely too green. The well-known Rioja production area has uneven quality; Puliaolatuo red wine, strong tannin, high alcohol(usually 14 % or more), rich and concentrated flavor; The quality of the Duro River production area is generally high, and the aging potential is long. Biliaoha's wine is stronger and Wilder. The taste is thick, high tannin, and the structure is grand and strong. It is also the origin of the Spanish wine king.   The woman who likes Chilean wine, the character is quiet, considerate, the desire is not particularly strong, and it is a bit of a casual and peaceful meaning.   Chilean wine is famous for its fruity taste, easy to drink, high acceptance, but the style is a bit of the same, even a very high quality famous wine, it seems to lack some heritage and change. Of course, the quality of Chilean wine has improved very quickly. Moreover, the price of Chile's top wines is indeed very high compared to other famous countries.   The woman who likes American wine, is smart and comfortable, has a strong personality, is quite manly, speaks and works easily, and has full energy.   American wines are generally high in alcohol, high in tannins, heavy in wine, rich in flavor, and overflowing with fruit, but it is in line with the taste of the Chinese people. Even Cabernet Sauvignon, like Suonama, and Pinot Noir, Oregon, are elegant and vibrant. Without the delicate and fragile state of Burgundy Pinot Noir.   Women who like Australian wine, extensive friends, like to share, optimistic humor, unrestrained personality, charm.Like Australia's Silas, sometimes elegant, sometimes warm, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, full of personality. The Australian Sila wine has mulberry, eucalyptus leaves, and spicy pepper that can not be replicated in any other producing area, and a rich Berry taste.    Western Australia and the Sila region of Kulawala are all famous for their structurally strong Sila wines. Most of the flavors are black cherries, pepper and spices; The most famous Baluosagu, Maikelalungu Vale, and Kelaiergu have spicy spices, chocolate and plum flavors, including Baluosagu and McClaren Valley. The old Vine Sila is particularly noticeable.   Women who like Argentine wine, they enjoy life. They do not like too intense life rhythm, leisurely and moderate walking on earth, can always find their own pace.   The wine man himself is very fond of Argentine wine. And pure desire, but also wild and gentle, full of vitality and a lot of charming. If Argentine wine is a woman, it is also a passionate romantic, mysterious and passionate woman. Has the black pearl general eye, and the hot full body.   In particular, the Argentinean Marbeck, with its violet-scented flowers and the aroma of black fruits such as BlackBerry and Lizihe, will develop chocolate, cocoa, tobacco and leather as it ages. The wine is full and the flavor is rich and charming. If I were to spend a month on a desert island, I would choose to bring wine from Argentina, which is not only cost-effective, but also really good.    In fact, a woman's character is one or two wine can express clearly. Under the delicate exterior of many women, there is a strong and powerful heart like a man; Some Although the appearance is cold and proud, in fact, the heart is fragile and gentle; Some of them are smart and strong outside, and they return home to a small woman. Women seem complicated, but they are simple. All they need is understanding and love.
How much does wine alcohol content know?
Most people think that beer certainly has less alcohol than wine, but in fact, this idea is not entirely correct. So, what is the range of alcohol content in wine? How different are they from other alcoholic drinks such as beer, liqueur and spirits? In this article we will help you to understand the misunderstanding and distinguish the alcohol content of wine and other alcoholic beverages.Here's a look at the alcohol content of specific types of beer, wine and spirits:Beer3.5 % Heineken Premium Light and Amstel Light4 % Guinness Black4.2 % Budweiser Light and Coors Light4.4 % Yuengling4.6 % Corona Extra5 % Coors, Budweiser, MGD, and Stella Artois5 % Heineken5.6 % Sierra Nevada Pale Ale8.4 % Belgian Bellium Tribel Karmeliet9 % Shark Head 90 Minute IPA(Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA)Wine5-6 .5 % Asdi sparkling wine(Moscato d'Asti)7-8 % German Riesling, Germany10.5-12 % Most of the United States, Austria and Aodaliyaleisiling11.5-12 .5 % Lanbulusike12-13 % Most Post Pinot Grigio12.5-13 % Most Lost Beaujolais12.5-13 % Most Lost Sauvignon Blanc13-14 % Most Pinot and Bordeaux Dry Red(Most Pinot Noir and Red Bordeaux)13.5 % -- 15 % Malbec13-14 .5 % % Most Lost Chardonnay13.5-14 .5 % Most Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangjiaoweisai Hefaguo14 -- 15 % Most Silas and American Silas14.5 % Sutherns sweet white14-15 .5 % Most Zinfandel14 -- 15 % Most Gohan(Most Grenache)15 % Muscat sweet15.9 % Longbao Er and Salzburg Wine Village Rombauer and Rancho Zabaco Zinfandel16 % Left-handed winery Mollydoker Shiraz17-21 % Port, Madeira, Sherry and other fortified winesIII. Other alcoholic beverages20 % Vermouth17-20 % Sake21-35 % shochu(SHOCHU)30-39 % Fruit & Liquor(Fruit &;; Herb Liqueur)35-46 % Liquor(Liquor)35-40 % Gold Wine(Gin)35-46 % Vodka40-46 % Whisky, Scotch, Rum and Tequila55-60 % Cask Strong Whisky and Scott
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