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CLIFTON series
Product name:CLIFTON 1837

Product introduction

1837 marks the year that my ancestors first stepped

onto the shores of the new land down under, Australia

I often think about what it must have been like arriving 

in a foreign place far from everything familiar and

loved How easy it is to stay comfortable and safe, how

hard it is to venture into the unknown. But venture

they did, establishing and excelling in a wide variety

of pursuits including viticulture which saw them settle

in the Barossa ranges at the Clifton property in 1870.

This superb example of Barossa Shiraz with its inky

black colour, rich ripe fruit character and luxurious

mouth feel is a tribute to my pioneering ancestors

and their true trailblazing style."1837"is produced

in only the best years and in very small quantities.

I’m sure my forebears would be proud of what has

been achieved.

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Wine name: CLIFTON series

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